The Movement

More than a film, Lost in America is a movement.  It started with one man’s journey to shine a light on the realities of youth living on the streets.  It then spread to a group of filmmakers who formed a team dedicated to telling the story of this important journey.  Now, this movement is spreading across the country to thousands who are standing with us make sure this light shines bright.

Please, stand up with us and make a difference!!!!



The Issues

Youth Homelessness is not an isolated issue only found in select areas of the United States. Unfortunately, it exists everywhere in America - from Salt Lake City, Utah to Brattleboro, Vermont;  from Orlando, Florida to San Diego, California, each place hold youth who desperately need our help… your help.  

The first step in solving the problem of helping the large populations of homeless youth living on our streets is to shine a light on it.  You can not fix a problem without studying it.  With Lost in America we tell the stories of these youth to educate and hopefully inspire others to act. In the film, we examine what many groups and organizations are doing that works, what some are doing that doesn't work, and what Americans can to do help end this epidemic that affects millions of our children every year. 

 This is the true purpose of Lost In America: to motivate us as a nation to make this a priority, to encourage the government to do the first national study on youth homelessness, and to show that these youth are incredible individuals with enormous potential if given the right opportunities.  


Below are some of the statistics we were shocked to discover:

1.6M – 2.8M youth runaway and are homeless every year.

5,000 unaccompanied youth die each year as a result of assault, illness, or suicide.

There are only 4,117 beds available nationwide for children.

1 out 3 teens on the streets will be lured into prostitution within 48 hours of leaving home.