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What is Lost In America?

Lost In America is a feature documentary that aims to shine a light on the harsh realities experienced by the over 1 million homeless youth living on the streets of America. The documentary focuses on the lives of these youth, as well as many of the organizations, politicians, and other public figures that are attempting to help these kids. The film follows formerly homeless director Rotimi Rainwater and his team (cinematographer Steven Vasquez, producer Jorge Rivera, and sound recordist Chris Dowske) as they travel the country to explore this issue – from the ornate halls of the U.S. Congress, to the dark and damp sewer systems of Denver, Colorado. This documentary takes a raw and unflinching look into youth homelessness and aims to identify not just the causes, but to give a voice to the seemingly voiceless, those that many consider to be... Lost in America. 


Why Should I Support This Film?

Why not? Homeless youth need your help. 5,000 young people die on the streets every year and over 1 million homeless youth spend the night on the streets of America every evening.  Unfortunately, too little attention is being given to address this national epidemic. We aim to be a much-needed voice for these wonderful and amazing youth, that just happen to be living on the streets - but we need your help.

So why should I support this film?  Because we live in an age of media, and the film truly has the potential to make a change for these youth.  But the only way this can happen, is if people like you get involved.  So sign up on our mailing list, and when the film is released get involved and together we can end youth homelessness, and make sure no more youth every have to be... Lost in America.


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