San Francisco

So we made it to San Francisco today.  It’s great to be starting the new leg of our west coast trip.  But our excitement to get back out on the road and tell these stories was tempered today as we were faced again with the realities that these youth face every day.

We’ve spent time in the Tenderloin district, in Golden Gate Park, even Haight Street area and everywhere we go we see more youth looking for a place to fit in.  Today we met Conner & Makayla, two youth who’ve been on the street for almost a year.  We spent the night out with them last night in the Embarcadero area.

It was really difficult to see first hand how as a nation we treat homeless youth.  Lisa Marie, at the San Francisco Coalition for the homeless put it best.  “It’s like a form of torture, it’s like sleep deprivation.  Every where they go they’re forced to move ever few hours.  They try to sleep in a park and either the cops come and make them move, or at midnight the sprinklers go off.  Then they move somewhere else and they have to move again.  They rarely get to sleep more than a few hours at a time.  It’s sleep deprivation”.

And last night was no different.  As we sat in the middle of a park near the Embarcadero the sprinklers came on at midnight forcing us to move.

It’s so difficult of these youth.  It was just one night out for us and it was exhausting so imagine what it must be like for them going through this night in and night out.

Such a shame.  We’ll, we’ll be in Seattle soon….  See you there.