Being a Hero in Seattle

So we’re here in Seattle and it truly has been an eye opening experience.  We’d heard this was a mecca for homeless youth, an oasis if you will.  But as we sat down with Kristine Cunningham from The Roots Shelter we found out that there truly is no oasis for homeless youth.  There really is no city who has, YET, figured out how to do it right.  But perhaps it’s more that there just isn’t enough funding out there to give them the ability to fix things.  Bu that’s not stopping people here in Seattle.

Meet Tricia Lupitan and her organizations, Heroes for the Homeless.  Now she’ll be the first one to tell you that they are not a fix for the issue, they’re just trying to do something to take care of those already on the streets.  So we met with her and her group of volunteers (yes they all volunteer) as they got ready to do one of they out reach nights.

It started in their kitchen where they made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and other foods to take with them.  Now they don’t just go to the streets where it’s safe, not they go under the streets, LITERALLY.

We followed them as they went to a place called, “THE JUNGLE”.  This is what the cops call the few mile stretch under the  5 and 90 freeways where they cops usually stay away from.  Bu tit was there that they were able to bring a little humanity to those who needed it most.

They are an amazing example of a great solution to the question we’re always asked… “What can I do?  I’m just one person.”  Tricia and her team are just normal people, working 1 sometimes 2 jobs, going to school, raising families, who donate their time to bring food, clean socks, and basic necessitites to those who need it.

They truly are… Heroes for the Homeless.  We could all learn from them.

Rotimi Rainwater